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Winter Women's Waterproof Ski Gloves and Snowboard: Warm, Thick, Five-Fingered Professional Protective Gear for Snowboarding and Cycling

Winter Women's Waterproof Ski Gloves and Snowboard: Warm, Thick, Five-Fingered Professional Protective Gear for Snowboarding and Cycling

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Brand Name: TERROR

Material: Polyester

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Shandong

branding: terror

Material: Leather/nylon cloth


NO: 163047742197480

suitable object: unisex

Feature 1: ski gloves

Feature 2: Snow gloves

Feature 3: Winter gloves

Feature 4: Snowboarding gloves

Feature 5: Snow sports gloves

Feature 6: Women ski gloves

Feature 7: Men ski gloves

Feature 8: All-mountain ski gloves


TERROR Snowboard Waterproof Ski Gloves Warm Thick Five-Finger Winter Cycling Professional Protective Gear


The technical features of the product are as follows:

1. 3D Full Model: The item is designed with a three-dimensional full model, ensuring a comfortable fit and better movement.

2. Waterproof and Breathable 10K: The product is made with waterproof materials that can withstand a water column of 10,000 millimeters. This ensures that the gloves remain dry even in wet conditions. Additionally, it is designed to be breathable, allowing moisture and sweat to escape, keeping your hands comfortable.

3. Multi-Layer Cotton: The gloves feature a multi-layer cotton construction that provides insulation and warmth while still being breathable.

4. Lightweight, Warm, and Breathable: The gloves are designed to be lightweight, ensuring ease of movement. Despite being lightweight, they offer excellent insulation, providing warmth in cold conditions. The breathable construction allows air circulation, preventing excessive sweating.

5. Dual-Layer Waterproof, Quick-Drying Surface: The outer layer of the gloves is made from a dual-layer waterproof material. This enhances the waterproofing capabilities and ensures quick drying.

6. Three Material Palm Binding: The palm area of the gloves is reinforced with three different materials, providing durability and a secure grip.

7. Simple Design Tightens the Wrist: The gloves have a simple design that includes a wrist tightening mechanism. This allows you to adjust the fit and secure the gloves around your wrists for a comfortable and snug fit.

Overall, these technical features make the gloves suitable for various outdoor activities, ensuring protection, comfort, and functionality.

The Crew Gloves offer a range of features that make them a great choice:

1. Warm and Waterproof: These gloves are designed to provide warmth and protect your hands from water. Whether you're working outdoors or engaging in winter sports, the gloves will keep your hands warm and dry.

2. High-End Goatskin: The gloves are made from high-quality goatskin, known for its durability and flexibility. This material ensures that the gloves will last a long time and provide a comfortable fit.

3. Wear-Resistant Microfiber: The gloves feature wear-resistant microfiber, making them durable and able to withstand regular use. This is especially important in challenging environments where gloves might experience wear and tear.

4. Lightweight, Warm, and Breathable: The gloves are lightweight, allowing for easy movement and dexterity. Despite their lightness, they provide ample warmth to keep your hands comfortable. The breathable design prevents sweat build-up, keeping your hands dry while you wear them.

5. Dual-Layer Waterproof and Quick-Drying Surface: The gloves have a dual-layer design that ensures they are waterproof and able to dry quickly. This feature helps to keep your hands dry even in wet conditions and prevents discomfort.

6. Simple Design with Wrist Tightening: The gloves have a simple and sleek design. The wrist area tightens to provide a secure and comfortable fit. This helps to keep cold air and water from entering the gloves, keeping your hands protected.

Overall, the Crew Gloves are a reliable option for those seeking warm, waterproof, and durable gloves. They are suitable for various activities, including outdoor work and winter sports.

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